Birds… By Chris Canham.

Birds… By Chris Canham.

I wanted to write about birds and conspiracy,

And how in the mediocre that exists in me

Also lives passion, typical thought

But wait for the water, now onset of drought..

For the birds are the ones that gave mankind the time..

Direction and structure for wanting to fly.

I don’t know much,

One might say I know less than a little more than this or that…

But I know that even the birds that fly,

Are still gilded by the cage of the sky…

As for their song when caged.. sorrowfulbeauty.

Can not be taken away from it’s plight to be.

I shall hold back for now on my song,

Raging waves water rush good things tocome

And once I wash up on ephemeral shores,

There you will find me then find me once more,


Even these birds gilt in cage of the sky,

Shall echo their flutter till this time pass by….

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