Define success until death and then rest.

Define success until death and then rest.

There is So much I remember now,

And so much I beg away to forget forever….

 I can’t be more than I am?

How could a paradox be anything else than that?

Questions and time and time and hopefully deliverance

For this mood is a room and this gloom is a bird singing sorrowfully…

 I still love her?


But I could try,

 I could try for you my principessa.

I could try if it made your heart whole again.

Blood soaked tears shed in sheds that are now watershed.

This place,

These bad rhymes on top of silent sad.

If I could just reach up I could be your father babe, your dad.

 I can fix you,

You mend me with your existence,

Promise me you will listen when I tell you It was not that I didn’t care;

For there was nothing I cared more for in every shape form and life spawn…

Promise me you will shake dust from your hair and persevere when I go.

 The time will come, you and I – ‘we’ will know.

Chris Canham 

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