I find my intelligence frightening, my perseverance astounding, yet my ability to stabilise under pressure and stress a little disconcerting. I don’t blame my PTSD for the latter… I blame the two women guilty of incurring the condition.

You know who you are!!! One is dead now. Why don’t I grieve their Karmic demise? Because I find it far more interesting to piss my life up the wall painting ridiculous artworks for mass enterprise like the one listed below and knowing of the incomprehensible demoralisation karmically  of the second woman’s punishment on my person far more interesting! 
But imagine if there was a rhyme and reason to these artworks? They were simply a front or veneer to a being far deeper than most will ever be able to recognise on a surface level. Just imagine that for a second….

Enlightenment. Twice in aeons. No education or meditation will get you there. Only The courage of a mouse when confronted by a legion of murderous Roman, mind Vikings…

Chris Canham 

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