Humility. By Chris Canham

Humility. By Chris Canham


To be humble is a funny thing.

To feel compassion ties in with desire to sing, and write prose—whether that be on wings or on notion..

I must tell you that now I can see you as ocean..

“Hold on to the thread – the currents will shift…

Guide me towards you – know,

Something’s left… and we’re all alive – to dream of the next –

Time … we touch.

You don’t have to stray, the oceans away…

Waves roll in my thoughts.

Hold tight the ring, the sea will riseplease stand by the shore,

Ohhhh I will be---

I will be there once more….” Eddie Vedder Pearl Jam

I could never promise you more than being your Romeo- you being Juliet..

Walk the streets – walk the earth . as if I ever fucking cared!!

But now I do.

And now I know.

That everything, relates to this moment and you…

Don’t be frightened I am not a soul to fix

I too was borne from stones and sticks…

Porcelain is awesome – not really it is awful, like most of mans constructs Earth killing – mass swilling – fast moving --- mineral laden trucks and trains, then comes rain, another version of your wonderful way.

Washes away man’s filth and decrement and renews life and streets- become new again,

now I can go back to sleep….

Chris Canham 

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