Is the most powerful force known to humanity.. you touch my daughter? I snap my fingers then snap your neck. The problem is that I no longer crave it to save and reveal me.. I starve for it. There is mass guilt in infidelity. Sickness and pain in poverty.
Let salvation deal it’s hand to me.

For there is no justice in life yet still I will redeem myself.

a mind full of turbulence,

a plague to your wealth..

I saw you the other day passing by,

I wanted to wave and say something 

but I was so high.. s

and so far away from you.

wears a bulletproof vest for her.

shotgun blows won’t get through..

Such a maddening hunger for love..

the thing that resides above all..

tips on the wings of the murderous blood dove..

I alone will be the one that catches you when you fall.

I’ll always be here…I made a deal with stupid God that I would not leave the earth or drink beer.

Before my rocket ship lands on her rooftop above..

at the end of the day it is all there is.. heartache and love ❤️ 

Chris Canham. (All that simmers under the surface)

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