Paint a picture… by Chris Canham 2008

Paint a picture… by Chris Canham 2008

Paint a picture,

Start with blue.

Art is everything cut in 2

Like polar opposites

Attract with magnetics

Chemistry industry vaults closed like clinics

Bleach it down further,

Watch for the tide

Under this night moon

Atoms collide

Molecular structure

Big words like empathy,

(empathy means big) then why am I empty?

devoid of all notion

Loveless and lost

To feel and go forward with my heart—the loss.

Fuck you in time

Snakes intertwine,

serpent like - demon like - quenching like lime thrown at jews in mass showers 

Chambers of death engineered for the powers- that be-- Am I me?

I get lost in you…

And you lost me at faith… but you had me at sensible,

Smashed me apart with the black and white chronicle.

Death rising black stars they circle half moon,

Mist falls so beautifully on top the tomb,

And this room is a tomb,

Let me out let me in again,

Chances are I’ll go headlong into tailspin and then…

Smash you and smash me- we smash like smashed glasses

Though brash is the thinker that summons the masses,

For there IS no right or a varying wrong,

There is grey shades and that’s where I belong,

Carving out you now from wilting shade willow

Above the banks where we knew once but no more.

But you do… you know all—omnipotent cunt

Fuck you for fucking my head you rat cunt

Fucking cunt, you are death I am wrath you are left I am wrath

You are cunt you cunt- cunt-  cunt forever

I hate your soul (you don’t have one here either)

Yours descended with your ridiculous past

And mine saw ascension but faded and last but not least see the bit of me,

Pity you can’t get the shade tree.

And laugh with me ‘bout that—you twisted peripheral mind fucking joke of a miserable pitiful cunt.

You cunt…

Chris Canham 2008 on the brink of ultimate desecration and persecution by you.. yes. You…

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