So smooth, your enter and exit like a death ballerina..

So smooth, your enter and exit like a death ballerina..

I didn’t or never claimed to know it all… but I should have seen this imminent fall

I should have seen the waves a rushing –tailbone/whalebone bones a crushing

Should have seen the waterfall – ventured out of it (not at all)

Wish I’d seen the empathetic over eater, overusing under passive woman with the built in heater,

Could not fly,

For time to die.

Is always optional on nigh’

Ought to be a probing satellite…

Guiding you like stars at night ..

Sun light borne and hopelessness, found myself a fucking mess—

At least you are around about, over to you I’ll spiral out,

And on the upper staircase twist

Lemon zest is bitter bliss,

Food in general is so holy,

Eat these humble bones so lowly,

Smoothly enter exit then and we shall run headlong to end

Saw you passing then past bend,

Neck in road was always my neck,

Guillotine my soul to wreck…

Pass this time – your waterfall freedom now to top it all

I am the Jesus I am the antichrist,

I now must fight this incredible vice…..

This love epidemic, there I said it – love love!

Wallow in gutters I have and above I know nothing is outrightly true essence fate,

But in desperate times desperate men quietly wait…


Chris Canham 

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