Where there is life there is hope..

Where there is life there is hope..

Jump from the star like a gaslight balloon

Lay all your houses in rows like monopoly

skip through the orange row, green, walk on may fair

Then just past go -go to jail brace for suicide

See I’m not adverse to being the fuck

Or the miserable gut with a twisted spine cyclamen

All of the presents I sent to your house can be wrapped and then rewrapped then burnt down to cinders

Love is like so many smashed wallflowers

You and me at the centre just fucking like animals

Sexual urgence I ran with the beast that

Controlled all the empty of skull and the prince of crown chakra

Give me a way to the better,

For the letter is worse and the pain bursts forward as blister vessel and brilliant debilitation

I built a work of art that day that tore through the city like a hurricane

Innocence overwhelming me I will fuck her and die by her voice

But I have already said that/made that point and god has ripped my vocal chords out and furnished the tables with the sounds they once made,

So eat Indiana… for tomorrow we sleep like slaves…..

Chris Canham 


11 Years Isabella….

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