Who owns the world?

Who owns the world?

Under a misguided sociopathic biblical, lightly guised dictatorship you call Democracy..

‘One man born,

with desires to kill,

yet motivated by love,

will take on any form of brutal torture and suffering,

to liberate mankind in absolute.’

i am free yet discontent…

Under a fairytale worshipping state that tells me the Christ was God made flesh, I wandered for 43 years disillusioned to finally disprove the lie and become God. Call it what you will…

The kingdom of heaven is not at hand but sits beneath the seed of eternity.. 

Couple pearls before swill…

Chris Canham (what’s wrong? Are you upset your University education is worth NOTHING and all the monetary wealth on earth that exists becomes paltry in the face of what one man will do for the love of a child?) WHY BOTHER… You may have a bigger car than me..

But your heart is a pissfart comparison to the divinity I discovered when death would not even set me free..

To discover the machine… is in your mind - and you are self led. Fattened like cattle in herds to drown in passive subjugation yet! Well fed.

So eat Indiana… for tomorrow as tonight, you sleep like slaves…

Chris Canham 

Reading a quote online the other day of one of Sciences greatest physicists - “Yes sure, physics is fine but love is far bigger.” Arrrhahahaha Spoken like one with half a fucking clue… 😂😂😂🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

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